Nathan Ayres


For their capstone project at ITT Technical Institute, students were called to gather their best work and present it using all the skills they've utilized over the course of their education.

Since I wanted to present myself as a Character Animator, I created 3 minutes of entirely new video specifically for this capstone.  Watch Below:

This video is specifically formatted for animation.  Models and textures are kept simple.  It's divided into 3 "skits", each focusing on a different aspect of animation.  I didn't want to separate the animation from the storytelling, so the whole reel has a light plotline. Everything, including the voices, was 100% created by me.  I developed a standard biped rig for use in this production that allowed me to rig many characters quickly.  And speed was essential in this production, for I only had 2 1/2 months to start from scratch and bring it to completion.  The final week before the deadline, I probably got 8 hours of sleep combined across the whole week. 

Here's what's going on behind the scenes of the skits:

Fuzz's Great Escape

Created when I was 15 | Time Taken: 6 Months | Program: Lightwave 3D

Ninja Mole

Created when I was 20 | Time Taken: 2 Months | Program: 3DS Max

Voyager (Teaser Trailer)

Created when I was 20 | Time Taken: 2 Weeks | Program: Maya